G Suite
The Google Power In Your Hands

Customized e-mail, online storage, shared calendar, Google Cloud and many more for your Domain.

AntiSpam & AntiVirus Protection
Custom e-mail for your domain
Flawless E-Mail Service

    • EMAIL
      1 Email Account

      30 GB Cloud Storage

      Free Protection

      Free Protection

    • EMAIL
      1 Email Account

      Unlimited Cloud Storage

      Free Protection

      Free Protection

The Google Applications Included In Our Package

Simply everything you need for you to achieve your goals. And you may reach them with just one package that runs 100% compatibly with your personal computer, your intelligent phone or your tablet.



Gmail Application immediately informs you with its real-time notifications about the messages you receive in your e-mail Inbox. And it also stores your important e-mail messages and data in its memory securely, too.
Google Meet

Google Meet

By using the corporate-level video conference service which bases on Google’s highly strong and secure substructure, you can ensure that your team members keep in touch anytime, anywhere.
Google Chat

Google Chat

With its various dependable features from direct messages to group meetings, Google Chat enables teams to work in cooperation in the easiest, fastest and most efficient way.


Shared calendars which smoothly integrate with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites and Meet applications by Google.
Google Drive

Google Drive

You can get access to your documents from your personal computer or mobile devices anytime, anywhere.


You can create and edit your text documents directly on your internet browser; without needing an extra software for it.

Google Sheets

This cloud-based architecture enables you to work in cooperation with any person/people you like; at anytime, anywhere.

Google Slides

You can design, edit and create stylish presentations directly on your internet browser. And you don’t even need to download an extra software to your computer for it.

Google Forms

You can create customized forms for your surveys, questionnaries etc. without paying any extra fees.
Google Sites

Google Sites

You can create high-quality, elegant, attractive and catcy websites for your teams, your projects or your organized events by using either your desktop computers or your mobile phones and/or devices; and by keeping in cooperation simultaneously with different editors in the meantime, too.

Google Keep

You can bring all of your work under your control, and manage any of your remaining tasks easily while keeping your mind open for new ideas.


You can manage the meetings and time/schedule planning of your company very easily by using the shared calendar application.
Apps Komut Dosyası

Apps Script

Google Apps Script is a coding and computing platform which easily and swiftly enables the development and improvement of the business solutions that integrate, automate and widen the G Suite.
Uç Nokta Yönetimi

Google Endpoint

If we may; with the help of this very useful application, you just focus on the simplicity, functionality and performance in your line of work, please. Installing and immediately beginning to use the Google Endpoint application on Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, MacOS and Linux operating systems is really as easy as pie.


You can easily add users, saved devices and configure your security/privacy settings to provide the data security. And all of these processes have to be performed and realized in such an easy way that they won’t cause you to lose any precious time of yours at all by dealing with user manuals.

Package Comparison and Details

Comparative Features for you to choose the optimum G Suite package which fits your requirements

G Suite Basic G Suite Business G Suite Enterprise
Monthly Fee 3.04 $ Monthly 4.56 $ Monthly 7.59 $ Monthly
Key Features
Email Accounts 1 Email Accounts 1 Email Accounts 1 Email Accounts
Google Drive Drive - Store, share and access files effortlessly over the cloud from any device 30 GB Unlimited Cloud Storage Unlimited Cloud Storage
Gmail Gmail - Get secure and personalised email account for your business
Takvim Calendar - Keep track of important events and share your schedule
Google Chat Chat - Secure communications tool that makes team communication easy and efficient.
Google Meet Meet - Setup and record HD video calls with 150 participant
Dokümanlar Docs - Create and work on documents with images, tables, drawings, charts and more.
E-Tablolar Sheets - Get valuable insights via spreadsheet data using formulas, charts, connectors and macros
Slaytlar Slides - Create stunning presentations using templates, embed videos and images.
Keep Keep - Manage your to-do's, take notes on the go and never lose track of ideas.
Formlar Forms - Collaborate and create an engaging and impactful site with your team
Google Sites Sites - Collaborate and create an engaging and impactful site with your team
Currents Currents - Have interesting conversations, discuss ideas, gather input and keep everyone in your organization engaged.
Apps Komut Dosyası Apps Script - Automate repetitive tasks and create custom apps for Google Workspace without relying on developers
Güvenlik Standard security and admin controls
Cloud Search Smart Search within Workspace with Cloud Search
Apps Kasası Vault for eDiscovery for emails, chats, and files and archiving
Yedekleme Backup options for Drive and Gmail
Uç Nokta Yönetimi Enterprise Endpoint Management for data security
Ticket 7/24
Monthly Fee 3.04 $ Monthly 4.56 $ Monthly 7.59 $ Monthly
12 Month 36.44 $ 54.67 $ 91.11 $
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to your probable questions about our G Suite services.

G Suite is the general name of the paid services presented by Google. By G Suite, you can use all of Google’s tools and applications with their premium features. Thanks to G Suite, you can reach all of your files, documents and presentations online at anytime and anywhere you like. What is more, if you have or own a Domain name, you can also open a customized e-mail account for your Domain, too.

With G Suite, you can acquire the privilige to use some additional features by Google which are not presented within its standart services. Unlike the standart users; by obtaining the G Suite, you can have the right to use and take advantage of the following services like:

  • Special e-mail service customized for your Domain name
  • Google Drive storage area
  • 7/24 telephone and e-mail support
  • 99.99% uninterrupted Uptime guarantee for Business E-Mails
  • 2-Step Identity Verification

and many more extra features from Google.

Yes, you may use the G Suite service as an individual user, too. You don’t have to own a company and/or use it just for your business purposes. No matter if you are a business professional or a student, G Suite service is all you need.

The features you can get within the G Suite service are as follows:

  • Gmail
  • • Calendar
  • Hangout Meet
  • Hangout Chat
  • Online Documents
  • Online Sheets
  • Online Forms
  • Online Slides
  • Keep
  • Google Drive
  • Google Cloud Search
  • Work Insight