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    • DOMAIN
      Single Domain

      Unmetered Disk Space

      Unlimited Email Accounts

      Unlimited Traffic

      Free SSL Certificate

      1-click Install Enabled


    • DOMAIN
      Unlimited Domains

      Unmetered Disk Space

      Unlimited Email Accounts

      Unlimited Bandwidth

      Free SSL Certificate

      1-click Install Enabled


Powerful Web Hosting Beyond Your Expectations

Our Unlimited Hosting Service and the matchless advantages it features.

Ücretsiz SSL

Free SSL

Google and similar search engines use the SSL service as a sorting criteria. Our Free SSL service enables your websites to hit the top spots on the internet search engines.
Ücretsiz Taşıma Hizmeti

Free Transferring Support

We don’t want the transferring of your website from its former server to our CLOUDSPEX servers discommode you, and cause you to lose your very precious time with it. Our technical team realizes all of the necessary procedures and completes whole of the process for you without any problems and for free.
Ücretsiz Yedekleme Hizmeti

Free Backup

We back up our CLOUDSPEX servers every week. This way; in case of a probable and unfortunate data loss, we activate your website using our latest backup data we generate within the last 1 to 7 days.
Güvenli Hosting Altyapısı

Secured Server Platform

We ensure that our servers do operate non-stop at your service; and we track them 7/24, spotting the probable problems and preventing them from happening in advance. We present our flawless and backed-up hosting service within this discipline.
Limitsiz Özellikler

Unlimited Features

As the sources like Disc, Traffic, E-Mailbox, Database, Subdomain, FTP User are unlimited, you can publish your internet website without being concerned or feeling uneasy about exceeding the limits.
Tek Tıkla Otomatik Script Kurulumu

Installing a Script by just One Click

You can install latest 300 scripts such as WordPress, OpenCart, Laravel etc. within just a couple of minutes by a single-click on your control panel.
AntiSpam ve Virüs Koruması

AntiSpam and Virus Protection

All of our servers have AntiSpam Gateway support. Thus, the messages you send are not delivered to the Spam folders; and they are only received directly by the Inbox of the e-mail address which you send them to.
Hosting Destek Hizmeti

7/24 Technical Support

Via our ticket system, we 7/24 provide you with our flawless technical support at anytime you need.

Package Comparison and Details

Comparative Features for you to choose the optimum Linux Hosting package which fits your requirements

Linux Basic Linux Plus Linux Extra
Monthly Fee 0.91 $ Monthly 1.06 $ Monthly 1.37 $ Monthly
Key Features
How many sites can be published? 1 Website 3 Website Unlimited Website
Disk Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free SSL Support
Web Hosting Features
PHP Versions 5.3 - 7.3 5.3 - 7.3 5.3 - 7.3
PHP Version Change
URL Re-write & .htaccess Support
PHP Ioncube Loader (v10)
Database (SQL) Features
Number of MySQL Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
E-Mail Features
Number of Mailboxes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SMTP Support
POP3 Support
IMAP Support
Email Forwarding
Auto Responder
Webmail Support
SpamAssasin Support
Email Antivirus
Management Panel Features
Linux cPanel Demo cPanel icon cPanel icon cPanel icon
FTP Access
File Manager
DNS Zone Management
Email Management
Change Domain
Hosting Reset
Webalizer Statistics
Custom Error Pages
1-click Install
400+ Special Applications
Weekly Backup
Ticket 7/24
Hosting Prices
Monthly Fee 0.91 $ Monthly 1.06 $ Monthly 1.37 $ Monthly
3 Month - 3.64 $ 4.56 $
6 Month - 7.29 $ 9.11 $
12 Month 10.93 $ 12.76 $ 16.40 $
24 Month 21.87 $ 21.87 $ 29.15 $
36 Month 32.80 $ 32.80 $ 43.73 $
Order Now Order Now Order Now

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to your probable questions about our Hosting services.

Web Hosting is the process of keeping all of the contents, pages, texts, pictures, photographs and documents -that will be published within a website- altogether in a server which the internet users will be able to access at anytime and from anywhere they are.

In order for you to publish a website; all of the files you want to publish must be stored and preserved in a special computer (server) which is -on the contrary to ordinary computers- produced only for this purpose, can establish high-speed connections with the internet lines, and has the capacity to simultaneously serve hundreds of visitors at the same time. Each one of these specially produced computers which preserve the files of your websites and presents them for access through the internet is callled as a web server. And the whole process of storing/keeping, preserving and publishing your referring data is named as web hosting.

Linux Hosting is the optimal Hosting package for the websites prepared with the PHP scripting language; and for the websites created with Laravel or CodeIgniter web frameworks and with content management systems like WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla, PrestaShop and Magento. Its scalable structure and different source sharing can be realized very easily. And the most compatible and harmonious database with Linux Hosting is the MySQL database.

Windows Hosting is a Hosting service which can work 100% compatible with the ASP, ASP.NET, .NETCORE technologies, by using a server software created and published by the Microsoft Corporation. The most compatible and harmonious database with the Windows Hosting is the MsSQL database.

Our Corporate Hosting Package is the one with high sources, which we created especially for SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) and companies. Besides, our Corporate Hosting Packages we present in line with the requirements of your business organizations and establishments also include our AntiSpam-supported Corporate E-Mail Service, too. So we realize all of your E-Mail operations in a flawless, smooth and secure way.

Reseller Hosting is our high-performance Hosting package which enables you to preserve and manage numerous websites; and it is preferred by the owners of more than one website, advertising agencies and/or webmasters dealing with web designing business. By taking advantage of the separate control panels and access/log in accounts we create for each one of your websites; if you like, you may share your access information with your clients too. All you’ll have to do is to choose our CLOUDSPEX Linux Reseller Hosting Package featuring two different control panels.

First of all, please click the “Place An Order” button on the righthand side of our Hosting package you’re interested in. A Menu will appear on the new screen you’ll view, including the options "Register A New Domain", "Transfer A Domain", "Current Domain" and "Domains In My Chart" respectively. If you currently have/own a Domain Name, you must proceed with the "Current Domain" option. If you’d like to register a new Domain Name, you must proceed with the "Register A New Domain" option. If you’d like to realize a Domain transfer process, you must proceed with the "Transfer A Domain" option. Or, if you have added a Domain Name(s) to your chart before, you must proceed with the "Domains In My Chart" option. After this process, you’ll view the duration options for your hosting package on the new screen. You may buy your Hosting Package for 1 year minimum; but please kindly keep in mind that, our system also offers you attractive discounts for your purchases longer than that. You can proceed with the payment process after choosing your duration selection.

The only and simple thing you’ll have to do to link your Domain Name with your Hosting package, is to direct the name servers of your Domain to our CLOUDSPEX name servers. After you change the name server values with ns1.cloudspex.com and ns2.cloudspex.com addresses, the DNS addresses will be updated globally and your website will start being published from the cloudspex.com servers.

Well; there are many package options, different parameters and physical limits in Hosting services. Therefore, before you make a decision on this important matter, we highly recommend you to analyze both your website and the scripting/software technology it is based on. In addition to this, you must define your purpose of use. For the websites using the PHP and MySQL technology, the best option for you to choose is our Linux Hosting packages. If you’re using the scripting/software technologies like SQL Server, ASP and ASP.Net, you must definitely purchase the Windows Hosting packages. Always remember that you’ll get the best performance from your Hosting service in case you choose the rightest choice.

Actually, there are many points that you have to be careful about before buying your Hosting service(s). But briefly stated, you must definitely pay attention to the specifications like the operating system, disc (memory) capacity, system resources, message (e-mailing) quota, e-mail sending and receiving limitations etc. Besides, owning the other sources in an unlimited way will also provide you to realize your processes without being interrupted by quotas and/or any alike kinds of unwanted limitations.

In order to publish a website, you must have/own both a Domain Name and a Hosting package. By purchasing a Domain Name, you create a new identity in the World of Internet; and the visitors/people interact with your website and therefore get in contact with you via using that Domain Name of yours. Meanwhile, Hosting means an area specially reserved just for you in the web servers all of which have fast and flawless internet connections and power sources, that can simultaneously serve thousands of users at the same time/moment. You can only publish your website by uploading all of the files, databases, pictures, photographs, texts and videos etc. of your referring website to this area.

Yes. You can delete your Hosting service whenever you want and file a support request to have it brought back to its default settings. Our colleagues in our technical department will realize your request and inform you about it in no time.

First of all, as CLOUDSPEX, we have a very strong and powerful security algorithm in all of our servers. We follow the latest softwares regularly. By monitoring all of our servers continuously, we notice and terminate probable interruptions before they may even happen. We 7/24 monitor and track all of our servers in which we preserve your Hosting services. We also have some technical systems which continuously scan and immediately terminate the probable security vulnerabilities. Those systems provide some of our security precautions, such as:

  • Malware (malicious software) scanning
  • Brute-force attack
  • Double-stage DDoS (Denial-of-Service) attack detection and prevention
  • Mod Security and Web Application Firewall

Security vulnerabilities mostly occur because of software or database programming defects and/or because of the users themselves, rather than the Hosting service you’re currently receiving. Therefore, we highly recommend you to buy the latest or up-to-date, licenced/certified products and services; and set much more strong passwords for all of your accounts, instead of weak ones that can be broken easily.

Yes, and it is free of charge. We back up all of our servers and Hosting services regularly, once in every week. Moreover, we back up (image-based) all of our systems daily against any kinds of probable natural/unnatural disasters and disc failures. If you willingly/unwillingly delete any data from your website, or you’d like us to upload an old-dated backup; you may get in contact with our technical team anytime you like and file your request accordingly. But -without any exceptions- we do NOT back up/restore any of the e-mail data within our Hosting services. Therefore, in order for you to back up/store your e-mail data on your side, we highly recommend you to download a client like MS Outlook etc. -which supports the POP3 protocole- on your personal/business computer.

Our Hosting services are 100% compatible with almost all of the current licenced/certified softwares either with open-source or closed-source codes. (ionCube, Zend, SourceGuard etc.) To give some examples of the leading script and web based softwares of today:

For Linux: All of the scripts created with WordPress, Opencart, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, Laravel, CodeInteger, PHP framework and PHP (PHP 5.3 version and above);

For Windows: MySQL, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, Classic ASP, ASP.Net 3.0, ASP.Net 3.5, ASP.Net 4.7 and MVC support.

If you’d like to get further information, you may get in contact with our technical or sales team whenever you like.

Yes. The PHP versions of all of our Linux servers have ionCube Loader. You may use either the old or the new generation ionCube (v10) versions. This supporting feature is activated from the PHP Selector Menu on the cPanel, and it is delivered you in “active mode” as a default setting.

Web Hosting service is brought to the active capacity and state of being in your service by configuring 7/24 continuously operating specially-built computers (servers) with high-end specifications, features and internet connections. And the configuration process of any server is realized by using various server softwares. Each one of the added websites are published simultaneously all around the World via the configuration of the very server that they are preserved in.

Yes. For example, you can change your abc.com Hosting service with/into xyz.com In case you file a request of support for doing this, our colleagues in our technical department will process your request and inform you about it asap. During this process, your former Hosting service and all of its relating content (FTP, E-Mail and databases) will be deleted; and it will be re-activated by using your new Domain name which you’ve informed us in your request. Therefore, we’d kindly like to ask you not to request for such a change without realizing a backup process first, please.

Important Note: Any Domain registration process cannot be changed, returned and/or cancelled. If you’ve decided to change your current Domain Name, then you must place a new Domain order with your referring new Domain name/address.

LiteSpeed web server is a paid Linux Software which provides upto 10 times higher performance and stability/determination in comparison with an open-source web server (Apache). Thus, the web hosting service is also realized in a much more faster and stable way. That’s why we standartly use this software with all of our CLOUDSPEX Linux web servers. LiteSpeed provides support to the new technologies, too. We can give HTTP/2, HTTP/3, QUIC, Brotli Compression, LSCache (LightSpeed Cache), HSTS, TLS 1.3 etc. features as examples to them.

Yes. All of our Linux servers support the new generation HTTP/2, QUIC protocole and Brotli Compression technologies. What is more, we also provide Keep-Alive and Expire Header (Apache Module mod_expire) support, too.

Yes. By purchasing a Hosting Service, you can also own private e-mail addresses customized specially for your Domain Name, too. You can use your e-mail addresses as a part of your Hosting Service. To give an example; you can create and use your own e-mail addresses such as YourName@YourCompany.com .

The content management and supervision of your website is completely under your own control. You can take any advertisement in any way you like, and publish it on your website or on your webpage at anytime. There aren’t any preventions or restrictions about this matter. You can publish any kinds of ads on your website, including the Google AdSense advertisements too.

An Unlimited Hosting Service is limited to the server that preserves it; and depends on the physical sources of that referring server. This circumstance can mostly be indicated as the unmeasured disc area or unmeasured traffic. The traffic and disc costs which decreased within the last few years made it more possible for the Hosting Service Providers like us to serve in this way. There may be other resource limits apart from these. For further details, you may view our package comparison chart, please.

Right after placing an order for a Hosting Package and making your payment for it; your referring Hosting service becomes active immediately, and your information is sent to the e-mail address which you’ve saved on the system whilst registering. You may also view the same message from the “My Messages” section on our client panel.

Yes. If you like, you may buy Static IPs for our Hosting packages by following: Client panel > My Hostings > referring “Manage Hosting” button > and you may place an order for a Static IP by clicking the “Buy an Add-In” on the lefthand menu. In case of any need, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us either by filing a request for support, or via our live chat channel. We’ll be more than happy to hear from you.