Reseller Hosting

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    • DOMAIN
      Unlimited Websites

      20 GB Disk Space

      200 GB Traffic

      Unlimited Email

      Free SSL Certificate

      1-click Install Enabled


    • DOMAIN
      Unlimited Websites

      50 GB Disk Space

      1000 GB Traffic

      Unlimited Email

      Free SSL Certificate

      1-click Install Enabled


    • DOMAIN
      Unlimited Websites

      200 GB Disk Space

      3.9 TB Traffic

      Unlimited Email

      Free SSL Certificate

      1-click Install Enabled


Powerful Web Hosting Beyond Your Expectations

Our Unlimited Hosting Service and the matchless advantages it features.

Ücretsiz SSL

Free SSL

Google and similar search engines use the SSL service as a sorting criteria. Our Free SSL service enables your websites to hit the top spots on the internet search engines.
Ücretsiz Taşıma Hizmeti

Free Transferring Support

We don’t want the transferring of your website from its former server to our CLOUDSPEX servers discommode you, and cause you to lose your very precious time with it. Our technical team realizes all of the necessary procedures and completes whole of the process for you without any problems and for free.
Ücretsiz Yedekleme Hizmeti

Free Backup

We back up our CLOUDSPEX servers every week. This way; in case of a probable and unfortunate data loss, we activate your website using our latest backup data we generate within the last 1 to 7 days.
Güvenli Hosting Altyapısı

Secured Server Platform

We ensure that our servers do operate non-stop at your service; and we track them 7/24, spotting the probable problems and preventing them from happening in advance. We present our flawless and backed-up hosting service within this discipline.
Limitsiz Özellikler

Unlimited Features

As the sources like Disc, Traffic, E-Mailbox, Database, Subdomain, FTP User are unlimited, you can publish your internet website without being concerned or feeling uneasy about exceeding the limits.
Tek Tıkla Otomatik Script Kurulumu

Installing a Script by just One Click

You can install latest 300 scripts such as WordPress, OpenCart, Laravel etc. within just a couple of minutes by a single-click on your control panel.
AntiSpam ve Virüs Koruması

AntiSpam and Virus Protection

All of our servers have AntiSpam Gateway support. Thus, the messages you send are not delivered to the Spam folders; and they are only received directly by the Inbox of the e-mail address which you send them to.
Hosting Destek Hizmeti

7/24 Technical Support

Via our ticket system, we 7/24 provide you with our flawless technical support at anytime you need.

Package Comparison and Details

Comparative Features for you to choose the optimum Reseller Hosting package which fits your requirements

Linux Reseller Basic Linux Reseller Plus Linux Reseller Extra Linux Reseller Pro
Monthly Fee 2.85 $ Monthly 5.71 $ Monthly 7.35 $ Monthly 10.93 $ Monthly
Key Features
How many sites can be published? Unlimited Website Unlimited Website Unlimited Website Unlimited Website
Disk 20 GB 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Monthly Traffic 200 GB Bandwidth 1000 GB Bandwidth 2 TB Bandwidth 3.9 TB Bandwidth
Free SSL Support
Web Hosting Features
PHP Versions 5.6/7.1 5.6/7.1 5.6/7.1 5.6/7.1
ionCube Loader
Zend Engine
cURL Library Functions
MySQL Stored Procedures
Database (SQL) Features
MySQL version (server) 5.6.32 5.6.32 5.6.32 5.6.32
MySQL version (client) 5.1.73 5.1.73 5.1.73 5.1.73
MySQL client
Toad for MySQL
Ticket 7/24
Hosting Prices
Monthly Fee 2.85 $ Monthly 5.71 $ Monthly 7.35 $ Monthly 10.93 $ Monthly
3 Month 11.39 $ 22.14 $ 29.25 $ 43.28 $
6 Month 22.78 $ 44.28 $ 58.49 $ 86.55 $
12 Month 34.26 $ 68.51 $ 88.19 $ 131.20 $
24 Month 68.51 $ 137.03 $ 176.39 $ 262.39 $
36 Month 102.77 $ 205.54 $ 264.58 $ 393.59 $
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to your probable questions about our Reseller Hosting services.

Reseller Hosting is the high-performance hosting service solution which is suitable especially for the people or agencies active in web design business and/or its relating subfields; and also for the people who own too many websites. Within the Reseller Hosting packages, a separate and independent control panel is supplied for each one of your websites; and managing these panels are really simple and very easy. Depending on your agreements with your clients, you can configure their packages however you wish.

The fundamental difference between Reseller Hosting and Web Hosting is that; in case more than one website is added, within the Reseller Hosting packages, a separate control panel is provided for each single website. By taking advantage of this feature, you may share the control panel information with your customers without feeling uneasy about it. On the other hand; within the Web Hosting packages, you have to use the same (common) control panel for every website that you add. Besides, by creating different user packages within the Reseller Hosting packages, you can share all of the user sources however you like. These are the basic differences between Reseller Hosting and Web Hosting services.

Yes, you may use Static IPs with our Reseller Hosting packages. Depending on your request, the defined Static IP can be used either for the whole of your Reseller Hosting package or for a specific website within your package.

If our Reseller Hosting packages on our websites don’t meet your requirements or your expectations, we recommend you to use our VDS or VPS servers. We can assign our very special servers private only for you, so that you can configure your own server as you wish, and can manage your websites however you like. It would be an economical and efficient solution, don’t you think?

If you’ve defined an automatic payment order on the credit card which you registered on our system, your Reseller Hosting package will be renewed automatically when it expires. Just as a small but important warning; we’d kindly and only like you to be sure that your credit card doesn’t expire before the renewal date of your package, please.

It is the Linux-based Reseller Hosting package which features a cPanel control panel. By taking advantage of the WHM panel included within our package; while managing all of your websites and clients very easily, you can also enable each one of your customer accounts to have their own separate control panels.

Yes, you can. If you prefer, we can assign and define your Static IP that you own to the whole of your cPanel Reseller Hosting package or to a certain website within your package for you.

It is our Reseller Hosting Package which is established for the websites created with Windows-based ASP, ASP.NET, .NET Core and/or MVC substructures. By taking advantage of this package, you may simultaneously add or manage many websites however you like.

Your Windows Reseller Hosting Package features the Plesk control panel. For the servers operating with the Windows substructure, Plesk control panel is currently the most stable/constant and preferred managing panel in the World. Besides, with separate Plesk Panels we create for each one of your users within your Windows Reseller Hosting Package, you’ll also achieve the best management features for all of your accounts.

Windows Reseller Hosting Packages are unbranded, no-name services; as it is the general rule with all of other the Reseller Hosting Packages. That is to say, no kinds of inscription and/or expression neither within the server(s) nor the related service(s) are written/stated in it, by no manner of means. Thus, your customers who buy/purchase a product or service from you, will never be able to compare our services and/or our prices with yours that you set on your side for your own business fields and trading activities.

From technical and security aspects, our Reseller Hosting Servers highly and proudly possess all of both the essential and the very latest technological specifications and features of today; just like the way it is with our other servers by which we realize our Hosting Services, too. We happily carry out the management of our all services by our own crew, each precious member of whom are highly talented and professional in their fields of specialties.